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Cancellation Policy

  • Once you make a firm a booking for either The Gables or Longbowe our cancelation policy applies.

  • Why we have to charge a cancellation fee? Every booking that is made has to be processed and this takes time, also when you make your booking those dates are reserved for your booking only. This means that we cannot sell those dates to another booking, which means that if you cancel at short notice we are at the loss of those dates. We also have to roster cleaning staff and again if you cancel at short notice we have to compensate our staff in some form.

  • How much of my booking fee do I loose? Our booking fee (also know as deposit) is generally €200.00 + 50% of the rental charge. All balances are to be paid 1 month before arrival date.

  • Our deductions are as follows -

  • within 2 months of arrival - 25% of monies paid

  • within 1 month of arrival - 50% of monies paid

  • within 3 weeks of arrival - 100% of monies paid

  • Repeat Cancellations - If our records show us that a customer has cancelled 2 or more bookings, then any cancellation will result in the 100% loss of all monies paid for that booking.

  • COVID CANCELLATIONS AND REFUNDS, if you have to cancel your stay due to Covid we will give a full refund but only if full support documentation can be provided.This must show why you were unable to travel. A full refund will also be given if you are unable to travel because of local government enforcement measurements,again proof of this must me furnished. 

  • All booking cancellations carry a minimum fee of €50.00 to cover admin costs

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